3 Must-Know Perks of having Carpet Tiles

A place instantly gains intimacy and soft sound when carpet goes on the floor. In the office, though, carpet does have one fly in the ointment: stains. That’s why it’s time to upgrade to carpet tiles. When carpet tears, snags, and becomes a cesspool of stains, tiles can save you. Just clip out the bad parts of carpet and keep the good parts. Here are the benefits.

  1. Save money. Replacing one tile is immeasurably less expensive than replacing an entire floor of carpet.
  2. Expand your design palette. Tiling different carpet styles enables limitless options of tile designs and color combinations.
  3. Pick a lurid carpet tile — something like California Smog — and the tile effect starts to make a very surreal piece of art on your floor. It also hides stains better. Pick a pattern that’s loud and fits your culture. Even if it’s otherwise obnoxious, at least you can’t see coffee stains, right? What are some lurid choices that fit your culture? Consider it, friend.

Next time you’re looking to carpet-up your space, immediately consider tiles. It saves money, makes mixed use an easier option, and puts more creative control in your hands.

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