31 Ways Your Office Could Be More Fun

There’s no silver bullet for having a fun office. So here’s our long checklist of cool things you do for your team.

  1. Writable walls. Coat your walls in writable surfaces so people can draft on them and leave funny messages.
  2. Invite food trucks into work to cater lunch. Interact with them on social media and see if they’ll interact back with you. Supporting a local truck like this is a great way to make business-buddies in your community.

  1. RockBot. Bring RockBot into the office, a social media DJ service that lets you pick the music at your venue.
  2. Pick RockBot themes and do dedications for people. Announce them on Facebook and tag RockBot, because they love getting shout-outs.
  3. Put acoustic guitars in your break rooms. Let people play “Kumbaya” till everyone’s sick of it.
  4. Exercise in the office. Once a week, bring in a personal trainer for Zumba, Jazzercising, Yoga, or whatever else.fa
  5. Warm Welcome Wednesdays. Here’s a free way to have fun. Every Wednesday, as team members come in, somebody is in charge of shouting, “Hey everybody! So-and-so is here!” We cheer, clap, and blow horns.
  6. Pull pranks. If a team member leaves some clothes in the office, put them on a mannequin. If somebody loves gummy bears, superglue gummy bears to some of their office papers. Get creative. Find the weird quirks people have and focus on them.
  7. Birthday emails/anniversary emails. Send out anecdotal emails to the whole team on someone’s birthday or anniversary. They’re always ways to brighten the day.
  8. Handwritten thank-you notes. Team leaders should personally deliver hand-written thank-you notes to their crew. It goes a long way.
  9. Monthly cakes. It can be too hectic to celebrate everyone’s birthday, but if you combine each month’s birthdays into one celebration it brings the team together. Besides, what kind of monster doesn’t like cake?
  10. Monthly cook-offs. Here’s another free way to enhance the office. Pick a dish and promote it on social media for a week. Then, have everyone bring in their food, appoint judges to pick a winner, and announce the winner on social media. Everybody gets free lunch—everybody’s happy.
  11. Nerf gun. Buy Nerf guns for your team. We’ve reviewed our favorites here. If you have writable walls, you can draw dartboards on them and have contests. Loser has to make the coffee, or stock a room.
  12. Ice cream on a hot day. Pick a hot, summer day and tell the team to stop what they’re doing immediately! Take them outside and get ice cream. If you’re in the suburbs and ice cream is too far, then bring a cooler with ice cream outside and let them all relax.
  13. Tracksuit Day. On a day where you’ve got to really get something done, let people wear lounge apparel to feel comfortable.
  14. Play chess during a one-on-one meeting.
  15. Play video games during a one-on-one meeting.
  16. Make a fathead of a team member and hide it in the bathroom.
  17. Have games of tic-tac-to going on the walls people can play as they walk by.
  18. Office scooters. Scooters in the office help people unwind, plus they save time. Going to the printer has never been faster.
  19. Fun seating. Buy fun seating for the sake of having fun seating: beanbags, spinning top chairs, or giant mustache chairs are encouraged.
  20. Buy artwork (preferably local) to hang in the office.
  21. Scratch and sniff walls. These exist and they’re amazing.
  22. Snack dispensers. We have a whole article on what works and doesn’t work in snack dispensers, but you can’t go wrong with cereal, trail mix, or crackers.
  23. Keep food in the fridge. Ask the team to all contribute toward putting bread/cereal in the kitchen and goodies in the fridge: jam, pop, cheese, milk, etc.
  24. Beer in the fridge. Everybody loves beer in the fridge. Now you can have happy hour right at work.
  25. Make a doll of a team member. We suggest using MyTwinn.com to create a creepy doppelganger of one of your team members. It’s as simple as snagging a baby photo of your team member.
  26. Have a company mascot. Let people dress up as a giant bear, cougar, or whatever else. He can make appearances on the floor to stock coffee or fix a broken chair.
  27. Frame weird photos of your team members and put them around the office. It’s creepy and hilarious.
  28. Office pets. Are people allergic to dogs? If not, let someone bring their dog in one day.
  29. Office plants. Most people aren’t going to be allergic to plants. Stock your office with green friends to make fresh air.



These are just some of the things we do to make our office more fun. Are you doing something at your office to make it more fun? Let us know in the comments!

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