7 Good Practices for Fridge Cleaning

The fridge is a sanctuary at work: it keeps your pop cool, your cheese fresh, and your jam tasty. It also gets dirty and cluttered very quickly. Here are some tips for keeping the fridge clean.

  1. Manic Monday: Pick a day of the week (we’d suggest Mondays) and clean out the entire refrigerator. If you have facilities techs, they can oversee the fridge cleaning. If you’re smaller, though, we’d suggest breaking the work up by team. Each Monday, a different group of people in the company should be responsible for cleaning the fridges.
  2. Get a save bin: Grab a container for the fridge that goes in every Friday an then gets sorted every Monday. Use this to store food over the weekend. If anything is in a save bin, keep it. What to keep: things in save bins, condiments with plenty left inside, anything unopened.
  3. Toss anything over two weeks old, anything expired, all take-out food, and anything that’s been open all week. This is where marking your food comes in handy: Put a date on everything as you stick it in the fridge so you know how long you’ve had it.
  4. Get baking soda to take care of the smell.
  5. If there are lunch bags in the fridge, leave them on the counter each Monday. Let your team know that they have to be picked up by Tuesday at noon, otherwise they’ll be sent to lost and found.
  6. Keep gift cards on hand. If you throw away a team member’s lunch, offer him or her a gift card as compensation. This is a great way to send the message, “Sorry we threw away your lunch, but we aren’t kidding about keeping the fridges clean.” This might sound expensive, but it isn’t. We manage facilities for 10,000 people and we use four to five $10 gift cards per year.
  7. If/when you move, clean out the fridge. If it’s a new year, clean out the fridge. When the season changes, clean out the fridge. It’s always good to make reasons to do a fridge cleaning.

The rules are simple; the results are revolutionary. Do you have any tricks for cleaning the fridges? Let us know in the comments!

One more thing! If you need a ready-made email to send out, alerting your team about your new fridge-cleaning schedule, then click here! [LINK TO GUY EMAIL] Need a sign about fridge cleaning? We have that, too! [LINK TO SIGN]


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