8 Motives for Removing Trash Cans at Work

There are a couple things we think of as standard possessions in the work world: a computer, a trusty pen, a mug that reminds us all how original it is to hate Mondays.

But y’know what no one needs? His or her own trashcan. Having fewer trashcans saves money and reduces waste. Here’s how.

  1. Save money on carpet. Have you ever noticed how discolored and rank carpet gets when it’s by a trashcan? Fewer trashcans means fewer stains.
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint. Rather than throwing away paper at the drop of a hat, people will be thrifty with their materials. Just because you scribbled out a line on that sheet doesn’t mean you have to walk twenty paces to toss it out.
  3. Save money on furniture. Those little bins become expensive really quickly. Why buy thirty when you can buy one?
  4. People recycle more. Stick a shredder/recycling bin next to a garbage bin. If people have already walked over there to throw paper in the trash, they’ll see recycling and throw it there instead.
  5. Use one trash can per row.
  6. Promotes exercise.Being sedentary for longer than three hours reduces your metabolism. Make people stand up more by having fewer trash cans.
  7. Saves time for the cleaning crew. Easy math, right? Fewer trash cans equals less cleaning.
  8. Have one trashcan per six people at most.In our experience, one trash can cater to six people just fine. Obviously, bigger trash cans will cater to more people, so consider just buying one big bin for each corner of the office.

There you have it. The art of the reduced trash can. Questions or comments? Hit us up in the comments!

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