Herman Miller – Aeron Chair

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  • Durability
  • Movability
  • Stain Resistance
  • Comfort
  • Usability
  • Visual Appeal
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Overall

First Impressions:

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is attractive, light and comfortable. Because of these stellar features, the Aeron Chair ended up in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. Pretty cool, right? Not only is it famous, but it’s also recyclable. How much more could you ask for in a chair? Well, maybe there are a few things.


There’s just one problem: it doesn’t recline. Though it provides excellent lumbar and upper back support, the Aeron Chair sits straight up — no reclining whatsoever.


Despite its inability to recline, the Aeron Chair swivels a full 360° and can easily be rolled across most surfaces. Another great feature of the Aeron Chair is that it has adjustable armrests. If you want, you can make your armrests two different heights — this would not be comfortable, but see how the Aeron Chair is very adjustable?

Why It Matters:

Light, sleek, and green, the Aeron Chair is almost perfect. Perhaps the most incentive to buy this chair is that you’d be sitting in a chair that is on display. One step closer to fame. When you need an office chair that is comfortable, but will not allow you much relaxation, the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller could be a great fit.

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