Incomplete Perfection: Raw Construction Materials

The urban aesthetic is very in right now. Exposed bricks, high ceilings, and the look of the loft all show the grit and tenacity of the human spirit. In business, the contrast of exposed brick and concrete columns can look particularly pleasing and modern when an office has computers and workers inhabiting the space.

Here are the perks of raw construction materials.

  1. Save money. It doesn’t cost much to patch up the building that somebody else built.
  2. They’re reliable. These materials (bricks, concrete columns) are already durable and require little maintenance.
  3. It tells a story. Leaving damaged bricks, gritty columns, or patchwork flooring all tells the story of your office space. If the look fits your culture, who’s going to find fault with it?

If raw materials aren’t your culture, then find another way to incorporate urban aesthetics. Can you use reclaimed wood? Old bricks? Who knows, maybe your office is the new Brooklyn?


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