WHAT: No Carts on Passenger Elevators!

WHERE: ALL Passenger Elevators

WHEN: Now and Forever!

ALTERNATIVE: “Freight Elevator!”


If you work in one of our offices, you’ll inevitably be tasked with getting lunch for your entire floor, or helping facilities by grabbing a shipment of stationary from the lobby. Like most red-blooded humans, your first instinct may be to find the most convenient route to your vertical office perch (often a common passenger elevator). BUT WAIT!

Any size or shape of cart MUST be transported vertically via the building’s freight elevator (located [LOCATION]). Using passenger elevators can be disruptive to other office-dwellers. There are no exceptions to this rule!



“…but the freight elevator requires specialized badge-access, right?”


True! So visit [security location] and sign out a Freight Elevator badge – it’s as easy as it sounds.

Questions/comments/concerns? Let us know — travel safely and appropriately!

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