WHO: Everyone

WHAT: Restroom Conduct

WHERE: Every Room With A Toilet

WHEN: Always


Have you ever gone to get toilet paper, realized there was none, and then with a quick WHOOOSH you had toilet paper in your hand? What happened!? We’ll tell you.

A crack team of Stealth Ninjas silently prowl the latrines, cleaning with deadly efficiency, yet still somehow respecting one’s basic human rights to use the loo in privacy. Magic!  One might not even notice their presence.  Luckily, we’ve finally managed to crack the Ancient Ninja Code! Apparently, really kind and tolerant people are cleaning up after your deeds.

Though these Ninjas try not to disturb routine, you will see signs of them from time to time:

  1. The restroom door will be propped open.  This is to ensure their speedy exit as the Ninjas steal away into the shadows.
  2. A “NO ENTRY” sign will be posted in the open door.  This age-old precaution is used to deter potential espionage emissaries.
  3. A Stealth Ninja never strays far from his/her supply cart- the presence of said cart will most assuredly point to Ninja activity.

Look, don’t go micturate if there’s a person in there cleaning. (Why would you do that?) Just walk to the stairs and go up or down one floor. Meet new people, even. Thanks!

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