Greetings! Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, I will be out of the office on (date) (time, including time zone)  and will return on (date) (time, including time zone).

Space Emperor Zog has given me an ultimatum: join the empire’s fight against the rebels or die. While the empire does have a good dental plan, the Rebels have better health insurance. Until I figure out which side I’m going to join, I will be stuck in this space cantina.

If your email needs prompt assistance, please forward it to (team member’s name) at (team member’s FULL email address). You may also call (team member’s name)  directly using our toll free number 1-800-000-0000, EXT. (team member’s extension).

Hopefully the rebels destroy his killer moon thingy so I don’t have to make a decision. Thank you for choosing (your company name) and have an amazing day! Over and out.


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