Why Having an Out of Office Email Is Important

When you leave the office, what do you do with your email? It seems like more and more people are accustomed to the idea of immediate response times. Now, whether they’re right or wrong in demanding that of us, there’s at least an easy solution for this problem on the days you aren’t at work: set an Out of Office (OOO).

An OOO is a default response that you can set to send out to anyone while you’re away from the workplace. This in and of itself isn’t that groundbreaking, though. Most people delete these annoying messages. But if you can have a funny, clever, or unexpected OOO, it will speak volumes about your company.

Why set an OOO?

  1. It demonstrates the importance of response time. An automated OOO says, “You aren’t being ignored,” sure, but it also says, “I was thinking about your email before I even left the office.
  2. It conveys company culture effectively. Often times, emails are the first interactions we have with people in the work world. You don’t want your first email to be a droning automated email, but if it’s a cleverly written OOO then you’ve given the recipient a good idea of whom he or she is doing business with.

We have several OOOs you can download on our site. Here’s an example of how to fill one in:



Greetings! Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, I will be out of the office on [INSERT DATE HERE].

Let’s be honest: me wearing glasses and pretending to be a reporter for [LOCAL NEWSPAPER] wasn’t fooling anyone. So here’s the truth: I’m a superhero. I leap around [CITY NAME] in tights fighting crime, throwing villains across the sky to [NEARBY TOWN], and occasionally getting hit by fly balls if I’m flying over the ballpark. Leave your email anyway, though, because my super hearing will still get the memo.

I will be out of the office from _______ at ______ (E_T) and will return on _______ at ______ (E_T). I will be checking email while out of the office, but if your email needs prompt attention, please forward it to (team member’s name) at (team member’s FULL email address). You may also call (team member’s name) directly using our toll free number of (###) ###-####, EXT. (team member’s extension), or you can reach me by cell phone at (your cell phone number). Otherwise, I look forward to replying to your email when I return.

Once I change out of these tights and put on my glasses I’ll get back to reinventing the workplace. Thank you for choosing [COMPANY] and have an amazing day! Over and out.

See? Not so hard! It’s a game of Mad Libs. The fun introduction will grab people and persuade them to read on to the serious part of the email: the paragraph where you say when you left, when you’ll be back, how they can get a hold of you, etc.

The next time you’re stepping out of the office, let it be a moment to pick a fun OOO that represents your personal style.

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