The Pre-Move Huddle: Planning an Invasion

Planning a move is the hardest part of the move. Like anything else in business, your success will more or less be determined by how well you’ve prepared. When it comes to planning a move, there’s nothing more important than communication. Here are our tips for a Pre-Move huddle.

Step 1: Communicate weeks ahead of time to everyone. (Your move coordinator should be the one doing this.) Tell them every aspect of the move:

  • What are the tools for
  • When is the move scheduled
  • What to expect upon arrival to the new digs
  • Schedule a “purge it, shred it, take it home” day so everyone’s desks are cleared out. (See our article for more information!)
  • CommunicateCommunicateCommunicate! Learn the word in five different languages: Communica! Communie! Comunica! Comulga! Kommunizier!

Step 2: The Pre-Move Huddle.

  • Go over the move with your team.
  • Assign captains to be in charge and call them “O Captain, my captain!” Captains are important so you can have people responsible for smaller groups. It increases accountability in the group when you have more people with leadership, but it also allows the move coordinator some relief.
  • Have these captains go over what is moving and list out any special requests that might have been made during the move. For instance, maybe you’re moving Prince’s guitars and he has demanded you can only move them under the light of the full moon.
  • By the end of the day, everyone should know his or her job.

Wow! There it is. The Pre-Move Huddle. Questions or comments? Something we missed? Hit us up below!

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