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Leatherman Super Tool 300 Multitool

Leatherman Supertool
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Versatility is the name of the game with Leatherman’s Super Tool. It works well even for those quick fixes and would be a valuable tool to issue to any technician.

Ease of Use:

What a multitool like this does is take nineteen different tools, which would take up a lot of space in a tool bag, and reduces them down to one handy tool. To increase portability, there is an optional hip holster. Instead of running back and forth or lugging around a tool caddy, this Super Tool is far more mobile and versatile.


Taking Super Tool along for any task allows you to be prepared to repair or simply work on whatever the issue is. This tool being made of stainless steel makes it even easier to use, leaving no reason to worry about a part of it breaking on you or you having a hard time cleaning after use of any of the numerous gadgets.


Specifically, this tool encompasses two sets of pliers (needle nose and regular), two knives (straight edge and serrated), three sets of wire cutters, four different screwdrivers, an electrical crimper, a wire stripper, a mini saw, an awl (with a thread loop), a ruler, a can opener, bottle opener, and lastly, a metal file. Leatherman has taken all of these commonly used tools and combined them all into one super useful package.

Why It Matters:

Safe, easy to handle, and super durable are what makes Leatherman’s Super Tool 300 a great asset to use for any facilities job. The benefit of having a multiltool is the simple fact that no matter what job you’re taking on, you’ll have the tool(s) you need to get it done.

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