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Articles about the latest office trends written by PeopleOfficePlaces


  • Learn how to build and enhance company culture to retain talent, reward risk-takers, and attract great ideas.
  • Discover ways to save money in the office on finishes, furniture, build-out materials, and more.
  • Find tips and tricks for how to avoid common pitfalls, which property managers and facility technicians might encounter.
Furniture Reviews by PeopleOfficePlaces

Furniture Reviews

  • Do the right thing for your team by figuring out which furniture suits their work style.
  • Save money and disappointment by knowing what's a rip-off and what's a good deal.
  • Read up on the facilities side of furniture. Know what's hard to move, easy to clean, and a pleasure to maintain.
PeopleOfficePlaces provides you with the gretest tools to comunicate with your team from office signs, email templates, to tutorial videos.

Effective Communication

  • See tons of sign concepts, from way-finding to fridge-cleaning, all highlighting your company's culture.
  • Discover signs with the same message, but each a different flavor! The content ranges from mild to spicy.
  • Save time on writing emails by using ours! Then, save money by ensuring people read 'em - they're too interesting to fall on deaf ears!
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  • Be a part of an online community made up of people like you.
  • Challenge our facilities experts with questions on how you can better your workplace.
  • Find solutions for problems you're having.